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"Trippin' On Me" by Jason Cooper - CD

This is the single released in June 2010. Jason is in the studio now and working on a full album for release in January 2011.

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"Take A Brotha Home" by Fuzzy Rankins - CD

The latest blues release by Lenny "Fuzzy" Rankins, nominated as the 2010 Best Blues album.
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"Prayer Will Change Things For You" by Fred Collins - CD

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Upbeat, uplifting spiritual music with a message that pertains to everyone's everyday life. This will keep you movin'!

MoonCook Compilation - CD

Contains variety of music genres: Hip-hop artists: Propheci, Big Lumber, Ese Cesar, Eturnul Pop artists: Valerie, Miss Bree, Sherr, Merline Gospel artist: Jack Quest

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Buy this CD at CD Baby

"Stirrin' Up The Mix" by Lenny Rankins - CD

All music written and produced by Lenny Rankins! Nominated as Best Jazz album only one month after release date!
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"Good Lovin'" by Fuzzy Rankins - CD

All songs written and produced by Lenny Rankins. Blues-R&B.
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"Cheating" by Tabatha - CD

Ms. Tabatha's first CD release titled "CHEATING" is out!  Check it out!!!  Available on iTunes and through direct sales.  Contact MoonCook Productions at if you have any questions or would like to book any of the MoonCook artists!

"Trippin On Me" - ALBUM

Originally released as a single, Jason now has a full album (11 tracks) available through CDBaby and on iTunes.  Check it out!

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